Join the “Translations Department” Affiliate Program

  • Offer your customers a complementary service in growing demand
  • Gain new customers offering a service your competition doesn’t
  • Earn 15% commission in perpetuity with every translation your customers order via your website.

Fast and easy to join:

Register in just 5 minutesSignup here; we will reply promptly with an approval email including a link containing your unique code automatically generated by our software, for you to add to your website.

Once approved…you’ll be able to access your own affiliate dashboard. Here, you will see the activity of customers you’ll be referring to us, with transaction amounts and your commissions, paid to you automatically every month via PayPal.

In your dashboard you will also find Translations Department logos, banners and different size ads you will be able to copy and paste on your website. These logos, banners and ads will be linked to your unique code, which will automatically identify the customers being referred by your website.

Every time one of your customers clicks on the “Translations Department” logo on your site, they land on a “Quote Request Form” on our site; instantly, our software identifies the inquirer as your customer, keeping track from that moment on of any transactions with that individual, automatically accruing your commissions. The process is fully transparent; you will always have access to your dashboard to check the activity on your account to-the-minute; and we will continue paying you commissions on your clients translation business in perpetuity – whether they order a translation from us today, or two years from the moment you signup as a “TranslationsDepartment” affiliate.

Requires no investment
There is absolutely no investment on your part to open this new window of opportunity. Only a couple of minutes to signup as our affiliate and start leveraging the potential of your customer base with this exciting service of ever-growing demand.

Come aboard for substantial revenue
Signup now and you may be surprised of the revenue you can accrue over time by opening your own TranslationsDepartment” affiliate account.

Having been in the business for decades, we come across new clients on a regular basis. Most come to us for an occasional translation, but often we establish long-lasting relationships with clients who regularly spend thousands of dollars – year after year. These are individuals with businesses, institutions or organizations who may need document translation services and who will be glad to find a trusted business or professional like yourself who can now offer them such service.

You do not know the potential that lays beneath each and every-one of your customers. Whether an occasional translation, word-of-mouth new business, or regular document translation clients, it all can add up to significant residual revenue for you and your business.

So, signup here now, and let’s get started. We will help you get the word out by supplying you with a stack of Postcards, Flyers and/or other promotional material announcing your new Document Translation Services!

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